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Tennis League Network Prize Pool
Last Updated 1/22/24*

We are the #1 online tennis league and the prize pool will get back to normal once the community starts to get back to the tennis courts. This prize pool is for all the cities inside the network. Some top playoff brackets will be bumped up one level. This will be done by admin discretion.

(^) Divisional participants includes all the players that were in each skill level for that season. Some skill levels will have multiple divisions equaling the total number of players. The league's playoffs are between all the divisional participants that have won 5 or more matches during the season.

(^^) All trophies are now mailed by request.

We don't offer prizes to divisional winners as the regular season's format is open for too much manipulation. True champion's are determined in the playoffs.

The prize pool is for league participants and not the partner program.


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