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Testimonials from Tennis-Miami and Tennis League Network players

Member Since 11/29/16
Played my first match today after just signing up last night AND at my home court! Opponent was very courteous and competitive. Definitely not only a great workout physically but also mentally!
L. Sin
Member Since 11/13/15
I am very happy with the league format, I was looking for competition and there is plenty of it on this league. Keep up the good work.
R. Medranda
Member Since 07/07/15
It's been great, in addition to play competitive tennis, I've got the chance to know nice and friendly persons that loves to play anytime. I am glad I joined this league.
M. Villamil
Member Since 06/26/15
Great program! This is my first time participating in this. I'm having great matches and meeting lots of new people to play with in the future. I will most definitely do this again.
J. Hawkins
Member Since 01/18/15
Really great league and great people!! I highly recommended the league to play 2-3 times a week.
S. Camguilhem
Member Since 08/29/14
This is my first time playing and I'm having a lot of fun. It made me confident to meet different players and able to test my skills. I will definitely continue to play to have more fun.
M. Ebo
Member Since 06/25/14
Love the league, never had some many chances to play. I have even lost 15 pounds since I joined in the Summer season.
W. Jimenez
Member Since 05/25/14
I keep meeting great individuals through this league.
G. Joseph
Member Since 05/25/14
Very competitive league. Opportunity to meet great people.
G. Joseph
Member Since 08/02/13
I really enjoy the league, and since I am new in town this is the only tennis that I play. I met some very nice people. I would like to congratulate you for this successful organization.
G. Erden
Member Since 07/05/13
I think it's a great program, and I am enjoying it very much so far.
J. Simon
Member Since 11/09/12
Overall I truly had a great time through out the season, the weather was ideal, and the people I met were the best part.
L. Perez
Member Since 11/21/11
Great way to keep in shape and meet good people!
J. Medina
Member Since 08/05/11
I love this league, everyone is so friendly...
M. Caridad
Member Since 06/08/11
I think is a fun and competitive league to play.
Z. Ferrini
Member Since 05/10/11
Tennis-Miami is Great! Everyone REALLY wants to play, not like some other leagues where you can never schedule a match.
R. Yanez
Member Since 09/06/10
Great league! I really enjoy playing and recommend it to anyone interested in playing more tennis.
A. De Solo
Member Since 03/07/10
Great way to meet players and new tennis friends.
S. Kendall
Member Since 02/16/10
I have enjoyed playing this league more than any other league. The level is great and the flexibility. The players are super friendly.
G. Torres
Member Since 11/28/09
It was a great season. Got to play competitive matches and meet good people.
C. Yedo
Member Since 08/25/09
Best way if you want to play a lot of tennis with a variety of players.
R. Fernandez
Member Since 08/16/09
Many evenly matched opponents and great guys to play with.
S. Walterhouse
Member Since 07/31/09
Great league, it is nice to be back!
R. Ornelas
Member Since 04/26/09
This is my first time in the league...I like the website very much. Hopefully...we can help grow it a lot more. Thank you!!
A. Bedoya
Member Since 02/18/09
Great way to meet people and play fun tennis in Miami...great work team.
G. Ford
Member Since 01/18/09
Joining Tennis-Miami league was the best decision in the last few years of my life, great time and opportunity to meet a lot of great players.
P. Starcevic
Member Since 09/30/08
Tennis-Miami was one of the best decisions I ever made for my tennis game. There's a variety of playing styles, the players enjoy healthy competition, and it is remarkably well-run.
M. Hutsko
Member Since 09/25/08
Best Tennis League Ever, Play all year round, make great freinds, and play great matches.
A. Noyola
Member Since 09/23/08
Do not hesitate to join in. You will get in touch with nice and courteous players.
V. Aizpurua
Member Since 07/28/08
Very good. I always have fun and meet very kind and respectful people.
S. Rodriguez